Why I started Infinite Design?
I used to watch Ted Talks a lot back to the days I tried to improve my English.  It started with a rigid goal, but slightly drove me into the black hole of sharing ideas. I appreciate people generously talk with opinions and ideas. We learn a lot subconsciously off school–from life, from the conversation, from the ideas people shared.
The second trigger is when I first came to United States, people love to hear me talking about exotic design and even life. What I have been doing on the other side of earth made me become an idea carrier.
Since we have so many great designers from all backgrounds, what if we share out our experience, opinions and ideas. Infinite Design is a platform allows talks, thoughts, comments and suggestions happen. I interview designers from all over the world, cross all races, with all languages and talk about broad design topics.
‘Cause ideas worth spreading. Ideas are infinite.

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